Legal Services

City Bar Justice Center
42 West 44th Street
New York, NY 10036

Phone Number - (212) 382-6600

These service centers provide legal assistance to low-income employees in New York.,
Services are helpful to individuals with criminal histories in learning about state laws, governing expungement and sealing of criminal histories. -Services address various legal issues that result from having a criminal history.

Civilian Review Board
40 Rector Street, 2nd Floor,
New York, NY 10006

Contact Numbers; (212) 442-8815 OR (800)341-2272

Multi-lingual services provided.

Enables citizens to report complaints against New York City Police Officers in cases of brutality, threats, stolen property etc.
Citizens can call the main number for assistance anytime (during regular business or evening hours).

Criminal Record Repository
New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services
4 Tower Place
Albany, NY 12203

Phone Number - (518) 457-6051
Fax Number - (518) 457-6550

An individual under supervision may contact this division to obtain a copy of his/her State Rap Sheet and obtain information pertaining the process of sealing, expunging or cleaning up his/her Rap Sheet.

Legal Action Center
225 Varick Street
New York, NY 10014

Phone Number - (212) 243-1313 or (800) 233-4044

Provides free legal services to ex-offenders, recovering alcohol and substance abusers.
Assists in obtaining Rap Sheet.
Provides information on how to "clean" it up (Sealed records, corrects inaccuracies, obtaining Certificate of Relief from Disabilities).
Provides counseling on rights when seeking employment.
Offers representation on legal problems for those who have HIV and their families.

Legal Aid Society
199 Water Street
New York, NY 10038

Phone Number - (212) 577-3300 or (212) 440-4300

Offers free legal counseling and advice to NYC residents who cannot afford a private lawyer.
Divided into civil, criminal defense, juvenile rights, volunteer, and criminal appeals bureau divisions.
Assists in immigration matters. Clients must be income eligible.

Legal Referral Service
42 West 44th Street
New York, NY 10036

Phone Number - (212) 626-7373 or (212) 626-7374(for Spanish speaking individuals).

General referral service for those individuals who need legal representation.
Applicants can contact the New York City and New York County Bar Association's legal referral service.
Counselors are available to assist clients in obtaining affordable representation.

Legal Services for New York City
350 Broadway, 6th Floor
New York, NY 10013

Phone Number - (646)442-3600

Spanish is spoken by staff members.

Provides free legal services to individuals who are income eligible.
Attorneys represent clients in all legal matters except criminal cases beyond the arraignment stage and fee-generating cases.

Neighborhood Defender Service of Harlem
317 Lenox Avenue, 10th Floor
New York, NY 10027

Phone Number - (212) 876-5500

Provides both civil and criminal legal representation to residents of upper Manhattan (North of 96th street).
Operates educational programs for young people and community groups on how to manage encounters with police more effectively.

New York Immigration Hotline
Phone Number: (212) 419-3737
Outside NYC call: (800) 566-7636

Staff members are multi-lingual.

This hotline is for individuals who have been discriminated against for being an immigrant.
For a brochure entitled, "Beware of Immigration Services Fraud," send a self-addressed, #10 legal-sized envelope with appropriate postage to:

NYC Department of Consumer Affairs
Free Publication Unit
42 Broadway
New York, NY 10004

NYC Gay and Lesbian Anti-Violence Project
240 West 35th Street, Suite # 200
New York, NY 10001

Phone Number - (212) 714-1184

Provides an answering service for all 5 boroughs.
Staff members accompany a person when reporting an incident to the police, and will monitor the case as it progresses through the court system.
Provides information pertaining to legal referrals and court procedures.
Contact a representative by telephone to document incidents and apply for state crime victim compensation.

Public Advocate
1 Centre Street, 15th Floor
New York, NY 10007
General inquiries: (212) 669-7200
Ombudsman services: (212) 669-7250
Fax: (212) 669-4701

Website that offers wealth of useful information including list of elected officials, information on housing, health services, fire, police, and legal services.
Business assistance, services for the disabled and for seniors, as well as consumer advice.

Office of the Attorney General
The Capitol
Albany, NY 12224-0341

General Helpline: 1-800-771-7755

Health Care Hotline: 1-800-428-9071

Medicaid Fraud Control Unit: 212-417-5397

For the Hearing Impaired: 1-800-788-9898

Immigration Fraud Hotline: 212-416-6149

Assists employers and service providers who need to obtain information from the State Attorney's Office regarding occupational bars, licensing of individuals with criminal histories in certain jobs, and whether the state has laws that limit what empolyers may ask job applicants

Provides protection against empolyment discrimination based on criminal record.

Office Locations

Daniel Patrick Moynihan U.S. Courthouse
500 Pearl Street
New York, NY 10007-1312
Main Number: 212-805-0040
Fax: 212-805-0046 or 212-805-0047

Hon. Charles L. Brieant Jr. Federal Building & U.S. Courthouse
300 Quarropas Street
Ground Floor
White Plains, NY 10601-1901
Main Number: 914-390-4040
Fax: 914-390-4055

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